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Official Course in Sales Activities

Contenido Official Course in Sales Activities

1.   Sales operations (MF0239_2): 160 hours.

  • Organization of sales processes (UF0030) 60 h.
  • Sales techniques (UF0031) 70 h.
  • Online sale (UF0032) 30 h.

2.   Auxiliary operations for sale (MF0240_2): 140 hours.

  • Procurement and storage at the sale (UF0033) 40 h.
  • Animation and presentation of the product at the point of sale (UF0034) 60 h.
  • Cash transactions in the sale (UF0035) 40 h.

3.   Information and customer service / consumer / user (MF0241_2): 120 hours.

  • Customer / consumer service management (UF0036) 60 h.
  • Techniques of information and attention to the client / consumer (UF0037) 60 h.

4.   Professional English for business activities (MF1002_2): 90 hours.


Why learn this Online Course in Sales Activities?

Trade in general requires people in charge of attention to the public. We just have to read the press and see the amount of job offers as a commercial assistant. If you have the skills to communicate with others, with this course you will learn to easily develop both for the public and through telephone service, improving your social skills, and you will learn a lot more, from correctly stocking up to closing a sale. Some of the jobs that you can apply for when passing this Official Certificate of Sales Activities are the following:
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