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Telecommunications Installer Course

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  • Cable and connect telephony installations.
  • Use different types of tools for crimping terminals and connectors used in telephone installations.
  • Use cutting, stripping and crimping tools to connect cables and connectors in digital telephone and data network installations.
  • Assembly and connection of a private digital user switchboard.
  • Identify the elements that make up a closed circuit television (CCTV) system.
  • Installation and connection of a closed circuit television system (CCTV).
  • Assembly and connection of the different types of antennas.
  • Know and manage the different instruments used for the installation of receiving antennas.
  • Assembly and connection of individual and collective distribution facilities.
  • Assembly and connection of a headend unit.


  • Basic telephony. Installation and assembly. Digital telephone installations and data networks.
  • Cameras, access control and video surveillance.
  • Reception of terrestrial radio and TV signals. TV distribution facilities.
  • Types and characteristics of cabling used in telecommunications.
  • Regulations for telecommunications installations.

Why take this Telecommunications Installer Course?

As you may have noticed, telecommunications are present throughout our environment (companies, premises, homes, on the streets and in the countryside…); Today’s world is inconceivable without a telecommunications installation, since they help and facilitate our work and personal life. Being a Telecommunications Installer means understanding (in depth) how the elements that compose it work and knowing how to carry out those Installations that make us communicate with other people or receivers that we use in our day to day.
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  • Installation and maintenance of telephone equipment.
  • Installation and maintenance of cameras and closed circuit TV.
  • Installation and maintenance of video intercoms and access control.
  • Installation and maintenance of antennas.
  • Installation of telecommunications receiving equipment in buildings, homes, premises…
  • Maintenance of neighborhood communities.
  • Maintenance in shopping centers, hotels, sports complexes…