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Practical Course in Weatherproofing and Air Conditioning

Contenido Practical Course in Weatherproofing and Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration cycle.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Basic components of an installation.
  • Pressure.
  • Temperature.
  • Pressure and temperature measurements.
  • Calorimetry.
  • Propagation of heat.
  • Air Humidity.
  • Psychometry.
  • RH.
  • Dew point.
  • Humidification / dehumidification.
  • Conditioning and renewal of the air.
  • Data for calculations.
  • Ventilation.
  • Heat pump.
  • Reversible refrigerant circuit.
  • Air conditioning equipment.
  • Refrigerants for air conditioning.
  • Refrigerant charge to the refrigerant circuit.
  • Fundamentals of oxybutane-oxyacetylene welding.
  • Characteristics and applications in copper-copper, copper-brass, copper-iron, etc.
  • Calculation example for air conditioning an apartment.
  • Electric appliances.
  • Measuring, control, safety, command and electrical consumption instruments.
  • Behaviors and nature of the current.
  • Channeling and current conductors.
  • Section, thickness and color of the electrical conductors.
  • Lines of force and lines of command.
  • The OHM law.
  • Current in energy version.
  • Resistance and continuity.
  • Mechanical and electrical concepts of the engine.
  • Control clamp.
  • Current recorders.
  • Transformer.
  • Capacitor.
  • Connection of motors.
  • Single phase motor connection.

Why learn this Practical Course in Weatherproofing and Air Conditioning?

Do you want to train in a sector that is booming in our country? Would you like to work on the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning equipment? With this course you will learn how to make installations, assembly and the implementation of the different air conditioning (splits). A complete training to be able to develop the job of a Weatherproofing Professional.
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This course enables you to assemble, install, maintain and repair air conditioning equipment and weatherproofing installations; You can work in companies of the sector.