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Practical Course In Car Mechanics

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Practical lesson:

  • Disassemble an engine to check for wear and tolerances.
  • Mount an engine to carry out its start-up.
  • Start-up of ignition.
  • Disassemble and assemble clutch system.
  • Disassemble and assemble gearbox.
  • Disassemble and mount transmission.
  • Disassemble and assemble steering systems.
  • Disassemble and mount suspension and brakes.

Theoretical lesson:

  • The explosion engine: characteristics and classification.
  • Diesel engine.
  • Engine construction elements.
  • Distribution.
  • Lubrication of the engine.
  • Refrigeration system.
  • Clutch system.
  • The broadcast.
  • Manual and automatic gearbox.
  • The direction.
  • Alignment technology
  • Wheel rims and tyres.
  • Suspension.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Stabilizing bars
  • Brake system.

Why learn this Auto Mechanics Course?

Have you always liked cars? Would you like to learn how to repair them and how to maintain them? Do you want to work as a Mechanic? Now you can with the Mechanics of the Car course, a theoretical-practical course made for you, with which you will acquire the needed knowledge to work in a workshop of Car Mechanics and do the updated automotive task. With this course you can work with:
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  • Car mechanic.
  • Mechanic of engines and their auxiliary systems, of cars and motorcycles.
  • Systems of transmission and brakes repairer.
  • Steering and suspension systems repairers.