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Plumbing and Gas:

Practical Course in Building Maintenance

Contenido Practical Course in Building Maintenance

Plumbing Internships:
  • You will know the different materials used in the Plumbing Installations.
  • Unions of materials, both by welding and pressure or with ferrules (copper, steel, plastics …).
  • Assembly of sanitary kitchen appliances and bathrooms; assembly of pressure groups and instantaneous heaters and accumulators.
  • Repair and maintenance of sanitary facilities and devices.

Electricity Internships:

  • Handling of measuring devices.
  • Assembly of electrical panels and circuits of a house (light regulators, switches, remote switches, etc.).
  • Complete installation of a house in housing panels.
  • Mounts with the mechanisms of buildings and premises: staircase time, timers, time clocks, motion sensors, twilight switches …
  • Locate and repair possible faults.
Theoretical lessons of Plumbing:
  • Pipes and accessories.
  • Materials.
  • Dilations.
  • Joints for copper, galvanized steel, lead, cast iron, polyethylene pipes.
  • Keys and valves.
  • Sanitary hot water.
  • Distribution inside the building.
  • Useful tables.
  • Regulations in force.
  • Flow Calculations.
  • Accountants.
  • Pressures.
  • Water hammer.
  • Load loss.
  • Sanitary appliances, taps …
Theoretical lessons of Electricity:
  • Graphic representation and symbology of electrical installations.
  • Electrotechnical installations.
  • Security in the electrical installations of the house.
  • Lighting installations.
  • General electrical installations.
  • Interpretation of plans.
  • Scales.

Why start this Building Maintenance Course?

Would you like to become a Building Maintenance Technician in the Electricity and Plumbing field?

Nowadays, Electricity and Plumbing are present in every home, in every location, in the Building Communities, in the streets … that fact makes more professionals in charge of the installation and maintenance of buildings more necessary. With this course we will prepare you in the Electricity and Plumbing sector in the installation and maintenance of buildings.

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  • Electrician Installer in Residential Buildings.
  • Plumber.
  • Building maintainers.
  • Maintainer of sports facilities.