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Plumbing and Gas:

Plumbing Installer: Official Regulation

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Pipes and Accessories:

» Lead / Lead Solder / Copper
» Copper soft solder (pipes and accessories)
» Iron Threading (threaded joints Iron / Iron, Iron / Copper)
» Reticulated Polyethylene Pipes
» Multilayer Pipes
» Polypropylene pipes (thermofusion joint)
» Polybutylene pipes (compression joint)
» PVC pipes (bonding by gluing)

Pressure group and suction tank (installation and assembly)

Instantaneous gas heater and electric boiler.

Sanitary equipments. Installation and assembly of taps, cut-off valves of:
» Sink
» Bidet
» Bath
» Wc

Evacuation system (installation and assembly of siphons, drains, collectors and downspouts).

Load and sealing tests.




  •  Interpretation of plans.
  • Scales.
  • Pipes and accessories.
  • Materials.
  • Dilations.
  • Joints for copper, galvanized steel, lead, cast iron, polyethylene pipes.
  • Keys and valves.
  • Sanitary hot water.
  • Distribution inside the building.
  • Useful tables.
  • Regulations in force.
  • Flow calculations.
  • Accountants.
  • Pressures.
  • Water hammer.
  • Load loss.
  • Sanitary appliances, taps …

Why start this Plumbing Installer course?

Do you like plumbing? Do you want to dedicate to the woking world in a professional way and want to expand or change your work field, by doing Plumbing Installations?

With this course you will learn how to assemble, repair and maintain plumbing, drainage and sanitary installations. Once you have obtained the Certificate of the course, you can exercise your professional activity either as free-lance or hired by an installation company, and even by a supply company such as Aguas de Valencia or Egevasa.

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