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Official Electrician Low Voltage Installer Course


Contenido Official Electrician Low Voltage Installer Course

  • Electrical installations in residential buildings.
  • Electrical installations in office buildings, shops and industries.
  • Automated electrical installations and automation installations.
  • Assembly and maintenance of electrical machines.
  • Assembly and maintenance of overhead low voltage electrical networks.
  • Assembly and maintenance of low voltage underground electrical networks.

Why start this Low Voltage Electrician Installer Course?

It is not enough to be a great Electrician, a qualified professional is the one who holds the Authorised Installer Certificate in Low Voltage, better known by the old name of Installer Licence. This electrician is the only one who can emit the Certification (old Bulletin) that an electrical installation complies with the REBT.
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  • Electrician installer in general.
  • Electrical installer of buildings and homes.