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Intermediate VET Motor Vehicles Electromechanics

Contenido Intermediate VET Motor Vehicles Electromechanics



1.- Engines.
2.- Fluid circuits. Suspension and direction.
3.- Loading and starting systems.
4.- Security and comfort systems.
5.- Basic machining.
6.- Training and career guidance.
7.- Technical English I.


8.- Auxiliary electrical circuits of the vehicle.
9.- Auxiliary systems of the engine.
10.- Transmission and braking systems.
11.- Company and entrepreneurial initiative.
12.- Technical English II.
+ FCTs (Training in Work Centres).

Open enrolment period Course 2019/2020: Ask information with no commitment.

Why learn this Intermediate VET?

Have you always liked cars? Would you like to learn how to repair them and how to maintain them? Do you want to work as a car mechanic and electrician? Now you can with the Electromechanical Degree: you will acquire the needed knowledge to work on what you like the most. You could even choose to do internships in Europe through the Erasmus Project. At the end of your degree you can choose between entering the working world, working in any of these professions:
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  • Mechanic of cars and motorcycles.
  • Mechanic of engines and their auxiliary systems of automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Electrician and electromechanic of cars and motorcycles.
  • Repairer of engines, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, transmission and brakes, steering and suspension.
  • Installer of accessories in vehicles.
  • ITV operator.
  • Operator of companies dedicated to the manufacture of automotive spare parts.