Early Childhood Education:

Free Time and Educational Activities Instructor for Children and Youth

Contenido Free Time and Educational Activities Instructor for Children and Youth

  • Education activities in children’s and teenagers’ free time (MF1866_2).
  • Group and educational processes in children’s and teenagers’ free time (MF1867_2).
  • Animation techniques and resources of leisure activities (MF1868_2).
  • In the INTER Workshop for Children’s Education (120 m2):
    • Discussions on social news.
    • Research on the offer of leisure and job opportunities.
    • Proposals for alternative leisure.
    • Planning of activities for inclusive leisure (functional disability) and as an integrating element.
    • Design and implementation of group dynamics: conflict resolution, knowledge and trust, emotional education, etc.
    • Development of programs and projects of leisure and free time: workshops, camps, routes, games, traditional, etc.
    • Planning activities in nature (includes school trip, for example, to the old course of the Turia river).
    • Start-up of animation activities such as musical, theatrical or lipdub choreography, etc.
  • Non-labor professional interships in companies (MP0270).

Why do this Free time Instructor Course?

If you like to work with children and young people in outdoor activities, this is your Certificate of Professionalism. You will learn how to organise a camp, a cultural visit, an activity in nature, a trip to the mountains or to the places of interest in your city.

You can also program and carry out activities of sociocultural animation in educational centres and playrooms. In our current society, leisure time is a resource that should be well spent by children and young people.
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