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Fluorinated Gas Licence for Mechanics

Contenido Fluorinated Gas Licence for Mechanics

  • Environmental impact of refrigerants and the corresponding environmental regulations.
  • Basic knowledge of the relevant environmental issues: Climate change and Kyoto Protocol.
  • Introduction to refrigeration.
  • Refrigerants.
  • Basic repair equipment.
  • Air systems.
  • Compressors.
  • Capacitors / Evaporators.
  • Expansion valve.
  • Dehydrating filters.
  • Regulation and safety devices.
  • Electrical installation of the air conditioning.
  • Electronic conditioning.
  • Air conditioning circuit load.
  • Diagnosis and repair of faults.
  • Alternative technologies to replace or reduce the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases and the safe way to handle them.
  • The safe handling of these technologies.

Why start this Fluorinated gases-handling Course for Vehicles?

If you are a professional who must carry out installation, repair, handling, transport and maintenance work on vehicles containing fluorinated gases, you must have the required “Fluorinated Gas Vehicle Handler Certificate”.
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  • Installation.
  • Maintenance or revision, including control of leaks, loading and recovery of fluorinated refrigerants.
  • Handling of gas containers.