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Practical Course in Electronics and Hybrid Car

Contenido Practical Course in Electronics and Hybrid Car

Course Internships:
  • Realisation of basic electrical schemes.
  • Verification and control of batteries.
  • Disassembly, verification, adjustment and assembly of the starter and alternator motor.
  • Disassembly, verification, adjustment and assembly of the components of conventional and electronic ignition circuits, as well as the electronic injection system.
  • Diagnosis of electronic systems with car diagnostic equipment.
Hybrid cars:
  • Basic Electronic Components in Hybrid Car.
  • Hybrid Car Safety and Handling Systems.
  • High Voltage Batteries and Accumulators.
  • Synergistic transmissions.
  • Diagnosis of the hybrid car.
Basic electricity:
  • Electricity notions.
  • Types of electric currents.
  • Magnitudes and electrical measurement units.
  • Ohm’s law.
  • Characteristics of the most usual electrical measuring devices: ohmmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, oscilloscope …
  • Characteristics of the terminals and connectors used in cars.
  • Batteries.
  • Circuit resolution.
  • Car starting and loading systems.
Basic electronic:
  • Fundamentals, components and applications.
  • Symbology.
  • Analysis of the different types of conventional and electronic ignition.
  • Analysis of the elements that make up the injection feeding system with electronic management.
  • Diagnostic equipment.
  • System diagnostics, engine management, auxiliary systems management, etc.
  • Lighting and signaling systems.

Why learn this course in Electronics and Hybrid Cars?

Have you always liked cars? Would you like to learn how to repair them and how to maintain them?

Now you can with this course in Electronics, a theoretical-practical course made for you, with which you will acquire the needed knowledge to work in a workshop of Electromechanics of the Car. With this course you can work as a:
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  • Car electrician.
  • Electronic maintenance and repair electrician in the automotive industry.
  • Installer of accessories in cars.