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Early Childhood Education:

Higher VET Children’s Education

Contenido Higher VET Children’s Education



1.- Didactics of Children’s Education.
2.- Personal autonomy and child health.
3.- Expression and communication.
4.- Cognitive and motor development.
5.- Training and career guidance (FOL).
6.- English.



7.- The children’s game and its methodology.
8.- Socio-affective development.
9.- Social skills.
10.- Intervention with families and attention to children at social risk.
11.- First aid.
12.- Company and entrepreneurial initiative.
13.- English.
14.- Child Care Project.
+ FCTs (Training in Work Centres)


Open enrolment period Course 2019/2020: Ask information with no commitment.

Why learn this VET Children’s Education?

Would you like to work with children? Are you a person concerned about the education of the little ones? Do you want to take care of them and share your knowledge and love with them? Do you want to work as an Educator? With this Higher VET you will become a Superior Technician in Early Children’s Education.

You will be able to work as an Educator and Animator, with children from 0 to 3 years old, in centres dependent on public organisations (state, autonomous or municipal) and in private centres. And with children from 0 to 6 years old like:
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  • Children educator, children leader.

– With children of (0-3 years) – under the supervision of a Teacher -: Children educator in centres dependent on public organisations (state, autonomous or municipal) and in private centres.
– With children from (0-6 years old): Educator in leisure activities and free time for children in School Farms, Houses of Culture, Libraries, Playhouses, Educational Centres, Leisure Centres, etc.

Educator in institutions with children at social risk, and Educator in institutions with family support, following the guidelines of a team of professionals.