Estudia tu Ciclo de Grado Superior en Dietética en Valencia

Health and dietetics:

Higher VET Dietetics

Contenido Higher VET Dietetics



1.- Organisation and management of the assigned work area in the unit-office of Dietetics.
2.- Balanced feeding.
3.- Food control.
4.- Pathophysiology applied to dietetics.
5.- Relations in the work environment.
6.- Training and career guidance.



7.- Diet therapy.
8.- Microbiology and food hygiene.
9.- Health education and health promotion.
+ FCTs (Internships in Work Centres): 380 hours.


Open enrolment period Course 2019/2020: Ask for information.

Why study this Higher VET?

Surely you are a person concerned about the quality of the food we consume today, fond of healthy eating and good living habits. Do you want to carry out health education campaigns that help solve nutrition and food problems? Do you want to study and work as a team? Do you want to work as a Dietitian? With this HNC you will become a Superior Dietetic Technician, and you will be able to work in:
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  • Dietitian.
  • Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition.
  • Responsible for food in catering companies.
  • Food Safety Technician.
  • Consultant in food.
  • Health Educator.