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Courses subsidised by SERVEF totally free for the student, with internships in the company and job placement possibilities. It is essential to be registered in SERVEF as a job seeker before starting the training:

– For the courses of Plumbing, Electrical Equipment and Telecommunications Equipment, it is not necessary to prove previous studies.

– For the rest courses, you have to prove the Secondary Education Certificate, the Intermediate VET Entrance Test or similar studies.

In order to apply for a place, answer any questions or ask for more information, you can contact Miguel Ángel or Montserrat by calling Tel. 96 323 69 81 or, if you wish, you can come to our Centre at Marvá 28-30, Valencia (next to the well-known “Finca roja” in Valencia) from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  •   Restaurant Services – HOTR0608.
  •   Bar and Cafeteria Services – HOTR0508.
  •   Installation and maintenance of Calorific Facilities – IMAR0408.
  •   Assembly and maintenance of Solar Thermal Installations – ENAE0208.
  •   Assembly and maintenance of Photovoltaic Solar Installations – ENAE0108.
  •   Plumbing and Heating / Domestic Air Conditioning Operations – IMAI0108.
  •   Auxiliary operations for assembly and maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – ELEQ0111.
  •   Auxiliary operations for assembly of Electrotechnical and Telecommunications Installations in Buildings – ELES0208.
  •   Assembly, installation, maintenance, inspection and revision of Gas Appliance Installations – ENAS0110.


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According to course, see files