Health and dietetics:

Intermediate VET Education in Nursing Assistant Care

Contenido Intermediate VET Education in Nursing Assistant Care



  • Administrative operations and health documentation.
  • Basic nursing techniques.
  • Hospital environment hygiene and cleaning material.
  • Health Promotion and psychological support to the patient.
  • Dental / stomatologic help techniques.
  • Relationships in work teams.
  • Training and career counseling.


  • FCTs (Internships in Work Centres): 440 hours.

Open enrolment period Course 2019/2020: Ask for information.

Why study this VET?

Do you feel the need to help people? Do you want to work and at the same time carry out social work? Surely you are an altruistic person, who feels empathy for others. This course is addressed to people who want to work in the public and private healthcare sector. Nursing is the science that is dedicated to the care and attention of the sick and injured, and now also to other tasks always following clinical guidelines. When you finish it, you can choose between entering the working world:
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Nursing assistant / clinic in:
– Spas.
– Primary care and home nursing care.
– Oral-dental
– Geriatric.
– Pediatric.
– Sterilization.
– Day centers.
– Special units and mental health.
– Hospitals (public and private).