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Training Contracts

Contratos Asesorías y Empresas

What are Training Contracts?

The Training Contracts are a hiring modality designed in order to favour the insertion of young people in the labour market, and offer several advantages to both companies and workers. With this type of contract, companies with less than 250 employees get a bonus of 100% in the Spanish Social Security of the employee, and 75% if they exceed this number.

Entry requirements of a Training Contract: You must be between 16 and 30 years old; minimum a 1 year time period and maximum of 3 years and remunerations should not be inferior to the Minimum Inter-professional Salary.


Instituto INTER, totally free of charge, is responsible for carrying out all the necessary administrative procedures


Ask us for information about the grants to the Advisors and / or Companies by sending us the Training Contracts. Our Employment Agency can, at no cost, carry out the selection process and even provide the applicant that best fits the requested profile. All companies or consultancies that want to know out training contracts in Valencia, just follow these simple steps:

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